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Patient Safety Awareness Week 2018

Patient Safety Awareness Week
March 11 - 17, 2018

Patient Safety Awareness Week is an annual education and awareness campaign for health care safety led by National Patient Safety Foundation NPSF. From patients to care providers, from the front lines to the executive suite, from the patient and family advocate to the corporate solutions provider we are all united in the goal of keeping patients and those who care for them free from harm.

Everyone in the health care process plays a role in delivering safe care. By uniting together in that common goal, we can make a difference in patient safety. The focus of this campaign is patient engagement and emphasizes the importance of the relationship between providers and patients and their families. Enhanced communication begins with an informed and engaged patient and helps to lead to safer care.

Patient Safety Awareness Week, which NPSF has been leading since 2002, is intended to raise public awareness about the work being done to improve patient safety and the importance of effective partnering in these improvement efforts. It is also an effort to directly involve patients and health care consumers in the process of ensuring that health care errors do not occur.

Below is a partial list of outstanding Patient Safety speakers from Capitol City Speakers Bureau who address Patient Safety Awareness and other topics relevant to healthcare professionals:

Ridley Barron: After a tragic car accident that took the life of his wife, Ridley's 17-month-old son Joshua was killed by a medication error at the hospital where he was cared for after the accident. A tireless advocate for patient safety, he works to bring good from a tragic story by empowering those impacted by adverse medical events with his powerful message of hope, healing and forgiveness.
Kathleen Bartholomew, RN: Before turning to healthcare as a career in 1994, Kathleen held positions in marketing, business, communications and teaching. It was these experiences that allowed her to look at nursing from a different perspective and speak poignantly to the issues that effect nurses today. Her thoughtful presentations inter-laced with research reawaken every nurse's commitment and love of nursing.
Suzanne Gordon Suzanne Gordon : Suzanne is an award-winning journalist and prolific author who writes about healthcare delivery and health care systems. The latest of her 15 published books is Beyond the Checklist: What Else Healthcare Can Learn from Aviation Safety and Teamwork.
John Kenagy John Kenagy : In studying companies that were able to consistently adapt, Dr. Kenagy found common characteristics that could apply to the complex, unpredictable world of the patient. Translating those characteristics to healthcare led to the revelation of Adaptive Design, which clears the way for those in management and at the front line of patient care to share a common purpose.
John Kenagy Sorrel King : In 2001 Sorrel King's daughter, Josie, died as a result of medical errors. Consumed by grief Sorrel was determined to honor Josie's memory. She and her husband created the Josie King Foundation. Setting out to prevent patients from being harmed or killed by medical errors, she entered a world unknown to her-the health care industry.
Edward Leigh Edward Leigh : Edward is sought after by local, regional and national media to offer his insights and opinions to focus on using communication skills to enhance patient care, raise patient satisfaction scores and decrease the risk of medical errors. He focuses on improving communication between healthcare professionals and patients as well as enhancing communication between healthcare professionals.
John J. Nance John Nance : One of the founding members of the National Patient Safety Foundation at the AMA, John brings a rich diversity of professional training and background to the quest of patient safety and medical practice improvement. A decorated Air Force officer-pilot veteran of Vietnam and Operations Desert Storm/Desert Shield, John is a dynamic and deeply dedicated member of the medical community for nearly two decades.
James Orlikoff James Orlikoff : James specializes in health care governance and leadership, strategy, quality and organizational development. He is the National Advisor on Governance and Leadership to the American Hospital Association and Health Forum, and is the Senior Consultant to the Center for Healthcare Governance. He has worked extensively on improving the relationships between boards, medical staffs, and management.
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