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National Stress Awareness Month

National Stress Awareness Month
April 2018

The concept of job stress is often confused with challenge, but these concepts are not the same. Challenge energizes us psychologically and physically, and it motivates us to learn new skills and master our jobs. When a challenge is met, we feel relaxed and satisfied. But when the challenge has not been met, it turns into job demands that cannot be met. Relaxation has turned to exhaustion, and a sense of satisfaction has turned into feelings of stress. In short, the stage is set for illness, injury, and job failure.

During the month of April, health care professionals and health promotion experts across the country will annually join forces to increase public awareness about both the causes and cures for our modern stress epidemic. Sponsored by The Health Resource Network (HRN), a non-profit health education organization, Stress Awareness Month is a national, cooperative effort to inform people about the dangers of stress, successful coping strategies, and harmful misconceptions about stress that are prevalent in our society.

Below is a partial list of outstanding speakers from Capitol City Speakers Bureau who address the issues of Job Stress and Stress Management:

Richard Avdoian : Drawing on his 22 years in private practice as a psychotherapist, Richard founded the Illinois Men's Institute and Voyager Experience to challenge and inspire individuals to achieve a healthier balance in life and work. A high-energy speaker who informs, entertains and inspires, his versatility is matched in full by the flexibility and preparation he brings to each assignment.
Barb Bancroft, RN : Did you know that stress depletes the brain of the 'happiness' neurotransmitter known as serotonin? Did you know that stress can 'kill' brain cells and lead to memory loss? Join Barb for a delightful review of the "stress response" and its ramifications for health and happiness. Barb will discuss the implications of stress on health and disease and provide hilarious ways to reduce stress in your daily routine.
Karyn Buxman, RN : Karyn Buxman is serious about humor! One of the leading national experts on therapeutic humor, she combines her skills as a health professional, storyteller and humorist to wow audiences across the nation. Associations, organizations and institutions everywhere are adopting Karyn's therapeutic humor as standard "operating" procedure.
Christine Cashen : Are members of your organization overwhelmed and stressed out? Do they need creative ideas to "jump start" their lives, both professionally and personally? Are you tired of speakers that don't connect to your audience? Christine Cashen opens conferences with a bang and closes the event leaving everyone totally energized with practical and creative ideas. Her programs are always tied together with a "fun" ribbon!
Ron Culberson : Humorist, columnist and author of Is Your Glass Laugh Full?, Ron's mission is to help healthcare staff and leaders achieve a new level of excellence using humor to minimize stress and maximize effectiveness. He shows people how to have more FUN while preserving the integrity of the work they do and the lives they lead. Plus, he's just darn funny.
Mary LoVerde : Mary is devoted to spreading the message of finding balance through connection. A contributor to the best-selling inspirational collections, Chocolate for a Woman's Soul and Chocolate for a Woman's Heart, Mary has touched many readers with her stories. She presents a wealth of uplifting insights and innovative ideas for taking small steps in the right direction for a less stressful, more satisfying life.
Connie Merritt, RN : Connie has a reputation for presenting breakthrough information with step-by-step tactical teachings that are well-seasoned with energy and humor. She helps people and organizations make vital adjustments to manage the multiple decisions and requests being placed in all areas of life - especially during these do-more-with-less economic times.
Brad Nieder, MD : Brad is a funny doctor and clean comedian who blends healthcare humor with wellness advice and an uplifting message. Audiences love his "Laughter is the Best Medicine" program, finding it entertaining, inspiring and informative without being boring. Laughter really is good medicine for managing pain, enhancing immune system function, reducing stress and more.
Kathleen Pagana, RN, PhD : Kathleen began her professional career in the Army Nurse Corps, where she rose to the rank of Captain and combined military protocol with clinical expertise, leadership, teamwork and patient care. She received her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in Nursing Research, where she focused on how individuals respond to stress.
Kathleen Passanisi : Kathleen has helped thousands change their outlooks and their lives through her enlightening and entertaining programs. She addresses issues in wellness, quality living, stress management and the link that exists between humor and health. Kathleen brings substance, style and clean hilarity to her universal content, guaranteeing a successful meeting with lasting effects.
Joe Piscatella : Joe examines the impact of chronic stress on health, productivity and quality of life and helps audiences understand that the secret to a balanced life is not to avoid stress, but to manage it; not to react to stress, but to respond to it. He not only examines the sources of stress in modern life but provides audiences with a variety of mental and physical tools to successfully manage stress every day.
Bobbie Staten, RN : Bobbie's background as a nurse allowed her to see first hand the pain, stress and frustration that so many people experience at home and work. Her message reflects a universal theme as old as time, yet fresh and relevant for today's hectic life style. When you have your health, family and priorities balanced, life just seems to fall into place. For the few times when it doesn't - laugh!
LeAnn Thieman, LPN : Most nurses didn't choose their careers because of the great hours, pay, and working conditions! LeAnn Thieman reminds them why they entered the profession - and why they stay. By sharing her stories from Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul, and those from her own 30 years of nursing, LeAnn encourages, uplifts and honors nurses and champions their daily contributions and sacrifices.
Bobbe White : Bobbe White's insights will change your group's perception of both laughter and humor. You will be enlightened to the benefits of humor and laughter, to use them to communicate more effectively and to include their therapeutic value in your personal and professional lives. From crisis management to team building, personal wellness to stress management, Bobbe empowers your group to a new level of confidence.

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