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Colette Carlson, CSP, MA
Colette Carlson

Colette Carlson, founder of Speak Your Truth, Inc. is a human behavior expert, author and humorous keynote speaker who shares the tools, terminology and techniques that encourage people to excel.

Clients include Boeing, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble and the United States Government. With a masters in Human Behavior and a fascination with communication trends, Colette delivers the latest research letting the facts support the fun. She writes a monthly column for Business Management Daily and has been featured in Success and Working Mother magazines. Colette is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), a designation held by fewer than 10% of the members belonging to the International Federation for Professional Speakers.

Colette learned her message the hard way. She started out a big liar. Literally! Only by telling the truth on herself and admitting her fears did she break through her complacency, lose 50 pounds, and step into a bold, commission-only sales livelihood. Working for sales legend Tom Hopkins, she quickly ascended to become the #1 producer. Colette's immediate success led to an opportunity to join sales guru Brian Tracy's team, and shortly thereafter she became a National Sales Trainer for US West.

Laugh and learn with Colette as you step in the Truth Booth and receive the tools to create positive, long-lasting change.

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  • Stress Less: YOU Management vs. Time Management! - The truth is whether you are in leadership, sales, or the front line you are expected to produce more in less time with fewer resources, while staying positive and engaged. The reality is we are stressed out, tightly wound, and exhausted trying to meet and exceed expectations. We have the best intentions that seem to go out the window before lunch as we are constantly changing schedules, demands and priorities. Too often lunch gets skipped or inhaled while hunched over our desk. Enough already! Create the focus, energy and mindset necessary to make healthy choices in our 24/7 world. It's no longer about time management, it's about YOU management. Get ready to laugh-out-loud and walk away ready to make positive, long-lasting change the next day. Learn how to:
    • Know when to let go or take control
    • Train your brain to stay cool, calm and collected in stressful situations
    • Eliminate unrealistic expectations and energy vampires
    • Beat the stress and temptation of everyday life in healthy ways
    • Build a positive mindset to increase mental toughness

  • The Language of Leadership: It All Begins with You - Successful leaders understand the nuances in communication that make a big difference when inspiring action and cooperation. Leaders know the power of their words and understand that words alone do not generate trust, allegiance and loyalty. A leader must be authentic and exhibit the behaviors conveyed in their message to maintain respect for their authority. Advance your communication style, increase your credibility, earn respect, and gain support by learning how to:
    • Communicate with candor and clarity to guide your team to achieve remarkable results
    • Develop phrases that dissolve conflict and inspire cooperation
    • Engage, persuade and influence others through strategic storytelling
    • Exhibit integrity and build trust when you walk your talk (especially under pressure!)
    • Become a human highlighter who champions the accomplishments and strengths of every individual on your team

  • What Does Sex Have To Do With It? The Truth About Gender Selling - The truth is there are small, subtle behavioral differences between the way men and women communicate that create misunderstandings, frustrations and judgments that can cost you the sale. Using humorous examples, research and real case studies, Carlson unlocks the secrets of gender selling to help you present, persuade, and communicate more effectively with the opposite sex. Increase your revenues and customer loyalty by attending this relevant program where you will learn how to:
    • Leverage gender selling for maximum understanding and impact
    • Build appropriate rapport that creates incredible credibility
    • Influence and engage the opposite sex without offending anyone
    • Implement specific strategies when selling to couples for an immediate buy-in
    • Stop the simple mistakes each gender makes and win the sale

  • Sincere Selling: ASK and You Shall Succeed - The truth is too many sales people sell themselves short. Even seasoned professionals leave business on the table because they hesitate to consistently ASK for referrals, testimonials, additional business or the sale. Still others feel uncomfortable ASKing the powerful questions necessary to identify clients' true needs, pains, wants and desires. Yet, without the ability to open that dialogue, you'll rarely close the sale. Perhaps it's time to turn the tables and ASK yourself what's getting in your way of attracting the business required to survive and thrive. Join Colette as she delivers sales strategies to engage, persuade and influence others while still promoting you and your services honestly, assertively and authentically.

  • 3 Truths Female Leaders Need to Know - Want to be recognized, respected and rewarded in your career? Want to be tapped for your leadership potential? The world seeks more women leaders. Why not enjoy the perks and adventure of being one? Now is the time to take an honest look, assess and advance your leadership skills. Join Colette as she delivers the latest research and strategies specific to women in leadership. You will gain the self-awareness and success-skills necessary to become an authentic, credible and confident leader - and laugh out loud along the way. Deliver positive results for your company or organization by learning how to:
    • Identify and change communication patterns that limit your influence
    • Identify and change communication patterns that limit your influence
    • Employ the art of self-promotion to express your success in a manner that gains supporters and censors critics
    • Identify and change communication patterns that limit your influence
    • Build a persuasive case to back up your ASK for maximum impact

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