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Liz Jazwiec, RN, BSN
Liz Jazwiec

Liz Jazwiec is a nationally recognized speaker and consultant who has shared her passion for customer service and employee satisfaction with more than 500 audiences across the country.

A longtime hospital officer who helped raise service scores at Chicago, Illinois' Holy Cross Hospital from the 5th to the 99th percentile in just a few years, Liz Jazwiec's work as vice president of patient care and as the director of emergency services was one of the key reasons Holy Cross won Fortune Magazine's Enterprise Award for Best Business Practices in 1996.

As founder and CEO of Liz, Inc., a consulting practice formed to help organizations develop a customer service culture driven by increased employee satisfaction, Liz directly addresses the concerns facing businesses today including leadership, team and customer satisfaction issues. With over 25 years of clinical and corporate experience, Liz has been instrumental in accomplishing service and organizational excellence based on developing improved employee morale.

Many audiences describe Liz's presentations as uplifting, motivational and fun. However they also clearly respect her practical and experience-based style. Audiences are sure to enjoy Liz's creative and viable suggestions for addressing some of the difficult issues facing organizations, such as key leadership concepts and leadership survival skills, the winning behaviors of superior leaders, techniques of leading change, recruitment, selection, orientation, and accountability, managing resistant employees, tips on using reward and recognition to motivate employees to continued success, the difference between quality and service, and the connection between customer service and employee satisfaction.

Liz received her Registered Nurse (RN) and her bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree from Northern Illinois University.

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  • Promoting Pride in Healthcare - In this stimulating keynote, Liz reminds all of us of the need to celebrate the work that we do. She describes why it is so important to acknowledge our accomplishments and focus on all the things that are good about healthcare. She will talk about our strength as individuals and our ability to make a difference in people's lives, and encourage participants to remember that there are many reasons to be proud of our ability to deliver services with care and compassion. Finally, Liz will describe the commitment necessary and some simple strategies to drive out negativity and make the work place better.

  • Getting Nurses On Board is Not About Empowerment, it is About Engagement! - We all know that engaged teams have less turnover, better productivity, and increased patient satisfaction. In this session Liz Jazwiec will discuss what successful leaders do to build true partnerships with nurses in order to create a better workplace. The discussion will begin with both organization and individual leadership factors that must be in place in order to engage individuals. Using real-life examples she will share effective tools to manage some of the difficult issues that effect most nurses today, such as victim thinking, morale and work-life balance. She concludes with a straightforward approach to the connection between customer and staff satisfaction, having fun at work and choosing to be happy.

  • Pride in the Profession...What's Great about Nursing! - In this inspirational key-note Liz reminds all of us of the power of nursing. She talks about our strength as individuals and as a profession to make a difference in people's lives. She will describe the commitment necessary to make work a better place for you. And finally Liz will encourage all of us to celebrate the compassion amongst all of us and to focus on all the things that are right about nursing.

  • Nursing Retention: Keeping the Best and the Brightest - In this session, Liz Jazwiec uses her trademark practical approach to tackle one of the biggest issues facing healthcare leaders today. Retention issues remain one of the most significant problems every healthcare organization is confronted with. Liz will describe strategies that every leader can utilize to improve retention and decrease turnover. The session will include effective selection of candidates to ensure a good fit with the department and stress the value of staff development, once hired. Several methods for engaging employees in order to build a lasting bond with the institution and co-workers will be presented. These are steps that all managers can implement independently or in conjunction with their organization's retention program. The presentation will conclude with a resounding call to action for all leaders.

Service Excellence is as Easy as PIE Hey Cupcake! Eat THAT Cookie!
Service Excellence is as Easy as PIE (Perception is Everything) Hey Cupcake! We Are ALL Leaders Eat THAT Cookie!: Make Workplace Positivity Pay Off...For Individuals, Teams and Organizations

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